NEW Moxie babies BORN April 4th 2018, Sorry All Are SOLD and off to their forever families! A new page was created called "Seren Pups 2018" where we will continue to put up photos over the years as our families send them to us!


UKC CH Moxie's Serendipity Serenity             X               CKC CH Solomag's Ramses The Great

                       "SEREN"                                     X                                      "RAMSES"

Bred by us here at Moxie Whippets                                  Bred by Solomag Whippets in Canada

We are currently taking reservations and deposits for our NEW April 4th litter.All puppy buyers must be approved by us prior to being on our reservation list. We are not taking any more reservations than listed below but if our list is full you can be put on our waiting list and we can let you know as soon as possible. All puppies are sold with Spay/Neuter contracts and LIMITED REGISTRATION unless a private agreement,contract,and approval has been reached for FULL REGISTRATION. If you have ANY questions at all feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them and/or help you! We are a breeder that is a lifetime of support for you and your puppy/dog!

Please Note: We reserve the right to refuse any buyer for any reason at any time.


FEMALES:                                                                                    MALES:

1.   Breeder Hold                                                      6. Adam-NY (Deposit Confirmed)(#2)

2.   Ryan-NY (Deposit Confirmed)(#1)                     7.  Danielle-NY (Deposit Confirmed)(#4)

3.   Anita-NY(Deposit Confirmed)(#3)                      8.  Brianne-TN(Deposit Confirmed)(#5)

4.   Terri-PA (Deposit Confirmed)(#6)             

5.  Krystel-Canada (Deposit Confirmed)(#7)




Females: Hot Pink Collar,Light Pink Collar,Sage Collar,and Yellow Collar

Boys: Red Collar,Light Blue Collar, and Green Collar


Our"Spring"(Springtime) Litter 2018 Needs some names!


Light Pink Girl............"Hope"                Moxie's Spring Forward We Hope (Moxie Named)

Purple Girl.................."Betty"                Moxie's Springtime My Oath         (Owner's Call Name)

Hot Pink Girl................"Kay"                 Moxie's Spring Memory For Kay    (Owner's Call Name)

Sage Girl....................."Cali"                  Moxie's Spring California Heat      (Owner's Call Name)

Yellow Girl..................."Roxie"              Moxie's Spring Dawn to Dusk        (Owners Call Name)


Green Boy..................."Ike"                 Moxie's Spring Laughter Sings       (Owner's Call Name)

Light Blue Boy............."Hermes"         Moxie's Spring Lucky Messenger    (Owner's Call Name)

Red Boy......................."Samson"        Moxie's Spring Rays Of Sun            (Owner's Call Name)

TUESDAY 5-29-18

Hey everyone!

Today the babies had a long eventful day! They all went to the vet to get checked over and get their health certificates.Long drive there and back,they all were amazing,No One got sick and No Accidents at all,I'm amazed! Back home I did my best with my daughters help on the camera to get stacked photos of everyone.They are not all perfect,a leg might be slightly too far forward,a foot a bit crooked,or whatever but at the age with little wiggle worms we did our best for you!! All these babies are so gorgeous,a few in particular just stunning! More importantly they all are so so sweet and good good babies! They had nails trimmed again today too and their first baths! Not a single one protested,tried to escape the tub,or wiggled around,they just stood still happily enjoying the warm water,their just amazing!!! These are the last photos for you all of everyone together,babies start going home tomorrow and our last baby Samson will be with us till June 9th.So,next Wed. photos will be of just our sweet Hope and Handsome Samson still here!!! You all are welcome to send me pictures of your babies at home with you at anytime and I am happy to put them up here as well if you like! Cant wait to see you all soon and drive safe!!! Beth