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UPDATE and CURRENTLY(2018): We are not "working with" Standard Poodles. We love
our breed with the Whippets and there are far less health issues as well as the
huge and endless hours of grooming requirements of the beautiful Poodles.We are still
always more than happy to help you or refer you to a Poodle Breeder if you are searching for a puppy.
Beth Coniglio
Moxie Whippets


UPDATE: June2012
Hannah is still doing great and remains stable,a whole YEAR as of April! Hannah will remain here with us.Anyone interested in IBD in Std.Poodles can find more info on the links below. The most important component for Hannah right now is stability,consistence, and management of her diet and medication which is best managed by US here at Moxie.Here is a good link on IBD for you to read.Here is another one,very informative and helpful. IBD

For those who are interested and on Facebook we have made another friend who sadly also has a female Parti Poodle also named Hannah who has IBD. Her Facebook Page is here: IBD Hannah Taylor

UPDATE: May,June,July 2011
Hannah is doing great! She has remained stable,plays and acts like her normal silly self. She is eating on a regular basis although it does always take her a while to finish her meals.She is a picky puss. LOL Her weight remains stable and good.We have great hope and confidence that Hannah now has a bright and happy future.

UPDATE: April 2011
Unfortunately Hannah relapsed this month and clearly cannot sustain stability without meds.Hannah was immediately placed back on Metronidazole and quickly regained stability.Hannah will remain on her meds for the rest of her life.Thankfully a low dose of Metronidazole (250mg) once a day keeps her stable and healthy. Since she relapsed and was placed back on her meds she is doing fine.

UPDATE: Feb&March
Hannah has been doing great.The vets at Cornell want to see if she can remain medication free on her new prescription diet.We are skeptical but will keep in close touch with Cornell on her progress.For now,she is back to her happy playful self.

UPDATE: 1/27/2011
We are happy to report Hannah is doing MUCH better.She is consistently eating her perscription diet, has solid stools, and best of all is feeling so well she is PLAYING again! On the down side of our updates, I am disappointed to report her breeder refuses to stand behind her dog.If it is not bad enough to have an ill dog, to go into deep debt to help and save her, to lose your one and only foundation bitch you had such hopes and dreams for, but then to have your dogs breeder do NOTHING for you, refuse ANY type of reimbursement toward vet bills and/or refuse to honor a contract of a replacement puppy is just more insult to injury. At this point we have had to stop all emails from being sent to us as they continue to just be mud slinging, unprofessional personal attacks and ignorant comments such as this one taken DIRECTLY out of one of her emails to me.."Hannah, does not have a GENETIC problem if you have done your home work as you said, you would know
there is NO KNOWN cause for the type of IBD that she was diagnosed with and that IBD is NOT considered a genetic problem in poodles."
As far as we are concerned here at Moxie ANY breeder who does not stand behind the dogs they breed and is as clearly ignorant about such a SERIOUS DISEASE AS IBD IN STANDARD POODLES,should NOT BE BREEDING STANDARD POODLES or any other breed! Click here to see IBD listed as a disease in standard poodles on the Poodle Health Regisrty! PHR

UPDATE: 1/19/2011
Hannah is feeling a bit better,eats a little here a little there.It still is very hard to get her to eat and she doesnt have a great appetite right now.TODAY Cornell called,RESULTS ARE IN, Hannah does in fact have IBD ! Tomorrow we will be going back to Cornell for new and adjusted medications.Hannah will be going on some steriods now for a while to calm her inflammatory bowel.Hopefully too it will help her to feel better and also stimulate her appetite as well. We are hopeful with more meds now,fully informed treatment, and special care Hannah will continue to make progress forward,feel better,and be able to live a long, fairly healthy quality of life with us! Thanks to all for your kind,caring,and supportive emails! Hannah says THANK YOU TOO!

UPDATE: 1/14/2011
Hannah is home from Cornell and stable.She is still not feeling so hot and doesnt want to eat much but she is doing fairly well under difficult circumstances,drinking,keeping hydrated,and resting to heal.

Hannah is out of surgery,awake,and recovering in ICU with 24/7 care.During her exploratory surgery
no"foriegn" anything was found,as expected.They saw thickening of the bowel in several areas consistent with inflammatory scaring from disease such as IBD. Her Uterus looked normal.The appropriate biopsy's of her bowel and stomach were then taken and sadly Hannah IS SPAYED. Hannah will remain in ICU during her recovery and we are hoping she will be able to come home by Saturday 1/15/2011 All biopsy's were sent to pathology for testing and final
results and diagnosis should come in approx. 9-10 days.

Hannah is stable and has been receiving 24/7 supportive care by our vets,Cornell and myself this past week awaiting entry into Cornell's Internal Medician Dept and for surgery.Last night,1/11/2011 Hannah was dropped off for admission and is having surgery TODAY 1/12/2011 Please say prayers for Hannah for a safe surgery and recovery
We will post more updates as they come in.

It is with a very heavy heart here at Moxie that our girl Hannah has been tentatively diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease)as well as allot of food allergies and will remain on Metronitazole probably for the rest of her life. In a week or so she will be going to Cornell for surgery and "Formal Diagnostics". Upon her exploratory surgery and expected negative "foriegn findings" of this she will have biopsy's taken,be spayed and remain here at Moxie forever. Thank you to all for your support,phone calls,and  prayers for Hannah.Updates will be posted on this page when and as we are able.
Please contact us if you would like any help or referrals to find your next Standard Poodle.
Beth Coniglio
Moxie Whippets


Hannah Enjoying Fall/October 2010
Hannah's First Heat June 2010 at 11 months old and Fun Big Girl Hair Cut for her 1st Birthday!!
Happy Birthday Hannah!

Beautiful Hannah January 2010 at 6 Months Old !