Seren's Last Litter is HERE October 1st 2020!!  PHOTOS BELOW!!!    ***ALL SOLD***

 All the puppies in this litter are currently SOLD!  All puppy buyers must be approved by us prior to being on our reservation list. We are not taking any more reservations once our list is full below.If our list is full than you can be put on our waiting list and we will let you know as soon as possible if a spot is available. All puppies are sold with Spay/Neuter contracts and LIMITED REGISTRATION unless a private agreement,contract, and approval has been reached for FULL REGISTRATION. Our puppies for this litter this year are $1,400 and a $300 NON-Refundable deposit will "HOLD" one of our precious babies for you!! We do not hold puppies without deposits! If you have ANY questions at all feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them and/or help you!! We are a breeder that is a lifetime of support for you and your puppy/dog. All the babies in this litter are either Solid Fawn with White markings OR Solid White with Fawn markings,Gorgeous Litter!!!

Please Note: We reserve the right to keep ANY puppy we may choose from ALL of our litters AND we reserve the right to REFUSE ANY BUYER for ANY REASON at ANY TIME!

SEREN                         AND               ISAIAH


Reservation list for approved puppy buyers: When this list below is FULL you are welcome to contact us to be placed on our waiting list if any openings arise.ALL 11 babies are safely here, 6 GIRLS and 5 BOYS!! **SOLD**


FEMALES:                                                                                    MALES:

1. Breeder Hold(Autumn,Willow,Yamaka,Pumpkin)     7. Nicole-NY (Forrest)”Dodger”

2. MaryBeth - NY(Autumn,Pumpkin,Willow,Yamaka)   8.  Jeff&Mary-CT(Jack)”Somer”

3. Juliane-NJ    “Maple”.                                                 9.  Linda-NY  (Rory)”Scout”

4. Brittany-Can (Apple) “Vienna”.                                  10. Pete-NY   (Hunter)”Rocket”

5. Ellen-PA   (Willow,Yamaka,Pumpkin)                        11.  Jeanne-NJ (Rowan) “Jack”

6. Daniel-NY  (Pumpken,Willow,Yamaka) 




The beautiful babies have arrived,6 Girls and 5 Boys and all doing great so far! Seren did a amazing job,she is tired but doing great and the most awesome Mommy as always!!Below are some pics of the first whelping photos and will post more this weekend and every weekend till they go home!! Stay tuned,more FALL Names to Follow as well.....with one little Hebrew exception added always.......All the babies are either Solid Fawn with White markings OR Solid White with Fawn markings!

GIRLS: Light Pink("Willow"),Hot Pink("Pumpkin"),Light Purple("Apple"),Dark Purple("Maple"),Orange("Autumn") and Yellow("Yamaka")

BOYS:  Dark Blue("Rowan"),Light Blue("Jack"),Black("Hunter"),Red("Rory"),Dark Green("Forrest")

New Names:

Girls: Light Purple "Vienna"

Boys: Dark Blue "Jack", Light Blue "Somer", Black "Rocket", Red,"Scout", Dark Green "Dodger"

Update: 10/26/20   Sorry for the delay with your pics...think I needed to catch up on alot of missed sleep,was out cold!!! LOL  Babies are doing amazing!! They all are eating great and as you can see,using the Potty Box!!  My next Photo Gallery we are going to try and do a Halloween Photo Shoot for you!! Oh boy,Fun,Fun!!! Stay tuned!

UPDATE....Can you believe the babies are 3 weeks old already!! Making mile stones fast!! They all are seeing,hearing,up on their feet and on the move,playing,have BABY TEETH,eating puppy mush,and using the Potty Box,and were wormed for the first time today. WOW!! They are so amazing and SO SO sweet!! Enjoy all!!

10/18...Hi you can see the babies are doing awesome,growing like weeds.Everybody is up on their feet now and "walking",starting to make the little puppy noises...playing,growling,and puppy breath!! Enjoy the pics and have a good weekend!!

Happy Belated Columbus Day! I meant to get this up for you all as a little extra surprise but sorry its late.....

All the babies are doing remarkable and hitting all their mile stones right on schedule...they are all trying to get up on their feet now and starting to walk....little drunk sailors...LOL The dew claws are all healed up,had their first nail trims,and Mommy has fully taken back over her Mommy duties....Yay...Sleep!! Soon,they will start to hear and see!

Since a couple of you have asked about needed items or crates I thought it easiest to answer for all of you here what you will need or might want when your baby comes home.Remember I have for you nice puppy packs to get you started including food and 2 bowls so you wont need much right away. You will need: A Crate....I ONLY recommend the Plastic Airline type crates(NO METAL CRATES!) I advise 36" crates for all the Females and 40" for all the boys. You also may want the following things for your baby...Nature's Miracle(Cat odor control formula,smells better) for any possible accidents to clean right up,any SAFE toys and Chews for teething(Some are in your puppy packs), a Harness(Small 9-12lb puppies) for any short initial walks around.Do not spend too much,your puppies grow FAST and will outgrow this.,a SWEATER for colder weather....I would say 9-15 lb range should be good. This too they will outgrow but later you can have the fun with all the gorgeous Coats out there! Check out some sites we have on our "Links" page for you. Lastly,extra comfy blankets for their crate.You will get one in your puppy packs but will need more than one! The Dollar General has some really nice ones $10-$16 each. Do NOT get the ones with stitching string on the edges like the "Cheap ones" have,Dangerous!!