Puppies and Future Litters
**No Available Puppies or Breeding Plans At This Time**
Updated: January 2022

 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US ANYTIME AND/OR SUBMIT A PUPPY APPLICATION TO BEGIN the approval process for one of our special babies when we have a litter or litter due!! All inquiries welcome,but PLEASE meet our minimal requirements if submitting a application! We do not have any available Whippets at this time! (Feb.2022)

                                                                     Thank You, Moxie Whippets


Moxie Whippets is a small family/hobby breeder, producing only one litter a year at most. We are using extreme care and caution, concentrating on temperament,health,along with proper structure and beauty for the betterment of the breed.

If you just MUST have a puppy NOW (which we understand), we sometimes know of other Whippet breeders who might have puppies available, and are always happy to refer IF OR WHEN WE KNOW OF A REPUTABLE BREEDER WITH PUPPIES.  If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for future puppies, please send me an email with your name, address and phone # from our "Contact Us" page or take the time to fill out a puppy application on the "Puppy App."page and I will let you know when we will have puppies available.Remember when you're looking for that perfect puppy you may need to wait for a litter to be born. Reputable and careful breeders do not have puppies available all the time, and a good puppy is worth waiting for. If you are willing to settle for just any puppy, that is exactly what you will get - "Just any puppy! ".... but here at Moxie our puppies are raised in our home as cherished loved family members with countless hours of care,love,and time given for the best start in family life they can possibly have.
Potential buyers will be interviewed to be certain the responsibility of owning a Whippet is understood, and also to help me make the best match of your puppy to you. Please don't be offended by our questions; it is not personal,it's concern, care for our babies,as well as gaining information to make the best match for you ..... A non-refundable deposit is required to "Hold" a puppy for you. Moxie reserves the right to have FIRST PICK on ALL litters,BOTH SEXES and to deny any puppy to any home for ANY reason, placement of our puppies is our sole discretion. All of our pet puppies are sold with LIMITED REGISTRATION and spay/neuter contracts.

Show prospect puppies with FULL REGISTRATION are VERY RARE and only sold to
approved homes with contracts and/or co-ownerships. Any SHOW prospects have pick over pet homes. Puppies evaluated from birth to 8 weeks and we match the puppy we feel is best suited for what you desired,not by color or markings alone! Our Whippet puppies may come in Red/White,Fawn/White,and Fawn/Brindle/White, depending on the Sire our girls are bred to.Puppies will be well-socialized, health-checked,wormed, and sent home with all vaccinations appropriate for their age at delivery and dew claws removed on all Whippet pups.Full puppy packs also included for all puppy buyers who pick up their puppies or meet us in person.
We prefer that you personally pick up your puppy,we do not want to ship. Travel expenses are in addition to the purchase price of your puppy.If we are able to drive a reasonable distance to help you we will do our best to do so! If any buyer is unable to keep or care for a puppy purchased from Moxie, we will gladly accept the return of our Moxie puppy/dog for re-homing always and FOREVER and our contract does requires it! 

As a respected, reputable breeder of purebred Whippets, I do not support the cross-breeding of Whippets to any other breed.Therefore,We do NOT sell puppies to anyone producing ANY form of "Doodles" OR "Mixes" So,please don't ask!



  • Prices of our beautiful babies are:
  • Whippet Puppies $1,600 A $500 Non-Refundable Deposit is required to “HOLD” a baby for you.
  • Travel Expense are additional to the purchase price of your puppy and your responsibility to arrange.I am happy to "help" if I can.I DO NOT SHIP my puppies at this time but you are welcome to fly here,pick up your puppy and take it back on the plane with you. 
  • All "Breeding" dogs are fully health tested prior to any breeding and copies of such happily provided and included upon request in your puppy pack.
  • All puppies come with Full Puppy Packs(Puppy Packs for "picked up" puppies only)
  • We feel our price is reasonable and fair but also understand the hard economy.We are happy to work with approved homes whenever possible.Upon request we offer discounts for Senior Citizens,Proven Veterans,and repeat puppy buyers.