· If you love to talk about dogs, you're a know-it-all.
· If you don't talk about dogs, you know nothing.
· If you stop to chat at a show, you're a show-off.
· If you don't, success has gone to your head.
· If your dogs are at all the shows, you're not letting others in on the wins.
· If you're absent, you're afraid of the competition.
· If your dog wins, you know the judges.
· If you don't win, it's obvious your dog isn't quality.
· If you win and thank the judge, you're playing politics.
· If you win and don't thank the judge, you're rude.
· If you lose and congratulate the winner, you're a hypocrite.
· If you lose and don't t say anything, you're a poor sport.
· If you've been breeding less than 20 years you're a newcomer.
· If you've been breeding for more than 20 years, you should get out of the way of the up-and-comers.
· If you use your own stud, you're kennel blind.
· If you go outside for stud services, you don't think much of your own breeding.
· If you sell most of your puppies, you're trying to flood the market.
· If you keep most of your puppies, they're not good enough to sell.
· If you keep your health testing up to date, you're admitting your lines are full of problems.
· If you don't check for every condition known to veterinary science, you're irresponsible and have no integrity.
· If you choose to mentor or offer 'free' advice, you're arrogant.
· And finally, if you keep your opinions and knowledge to yourself, you haven't learned anything.

-Author Unknown-
Aden sleeping on his own bed in the hotel room after a long day at the show April 17th 2010