UPDATE 2020: Serendipity's LAST LITTER IS HERE!! All 11 puppies are here safe and sound OCTOBER 1st 2020!!

We have experienced past email issues and some previous contacts may have been lost.We apologize if you have not got a response from us,please know this is not intentional and we like to promptly respond to every contact even if we do not have any available puppy or dog for you,all contacts are very important to us! We have added our phone number back for you to contact us on our "Contact Us" page. Please be respectful of contact hours (9 am to 9 pm)  All our puppies from our OCTOBER 2020 litter are SOLD!! Our next litter is being planned and should be due January 2021 !!! All inquiries welcomed!!

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Welcome to Moxie Whippets where we specialize in Quality Whippets, not Quantity. We are a very small family/hobby breeder, located in beautiful upstate NY near Binghamton.We are conveniently located not far from NY City,LI, CT,NJ,PA,and Canada. Our Whippets live in our home as full cherished family members first and foremost regardless of any potential breeding program and with the "Betterment of the Breed" being our primary concern for our Breed. Our Whippets are registered with AKC (American Kennel Club) and at times with UKC (United Kennel Club) as well and are or will be titled in conformation when it is possible and feasible to do so.Although showing is important to us and holds respect for doing so, it is not the end all be all to potentially breeding our dogs.In addition it is very time consuming and requires allot of traveling and monies for which we feel is better spent at times in the best care and health testing of our dogs.Whether a dog of ours is "titled" or not it will only be bred if we feel it is of the quality and "to the standard" to do so. Any dogs used in our breeding program will be fully Health & Genetically tested prior to breeding. Here at Moxie we are striving to be able to bring you the very best Whippets in Temperament, Health and Conformation. In our Whippet Breeding program we currently only have Three Beautiful girls named "Seren"(Faith's Fawn&White Daughter,She is so gorgeous!),"Hope"(Seren's Fawn&White Daughter from her 2018 Litter) and "Whisper"(Brindle&White,Photos Soon)  Please take your time and enjoy browsing through MOXIE as we continue to add new and exciting pages,information and updates!
"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened."

~ Anatole France
Our gorgeous foundation girl and start of Moxie Whippets.
Faith is now retired and spayed and gave us our beautiful Seren
Cardio&Cerf Normal


The Whippet by Douglas Florian

The Whippet speeds with ease and grace.
Few dogs can whippet in a race.
And it would make a wondrous pet,
Although I haven't caught one yet.

Please be patient as this WEB SITE is always under ongoing construction. Go to "Contact Us" for any further questions and info. Thanks For Visiting MOXIE WHIPPETS!
As a respected, reputable breeder of purebred Whippets, I do not support the cross-breeding of Whippets to any other breed.Therefore,We do NOT sell puppies to anyone producing ANY form of "Doodles" so,please don't ask!

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